IPO Village still has “eye on the prize”

To those of you who have followed us, we apologize wholeheartedly for the extra long “Quiet Period”

The road has thus far been long and challenging. But finally the vision can just barely be seen through the fog. I intend to take you through our entire experience and progress in the next posts. Those interested in the industry will surely gain valuable insight and maybe even a couple of laughs.

Once again we apologize for our lack of contact…. But things change.

Upcoming DPO(s) will help bring about Equity Crowdfunding Rules

After reflecting on the event at Crowdfund Texas, I have come to the firm belief that the upcoming IPO(s) from IPO Village will encourage movement on the rules that will ultimately  govern equity crowdfunding. Equity Crowdfunding will bring about a new asset class that will have its own rules and regs from both the SEC and FINRA. The Direct to Public Offerings (DPO) being presented on IPO Village are a natural intermediate step to this new asset class. Unlike the traditional definition of equity crowdfunding, the offerings shown on IPO Village are not private equity offerings. They are in fact companies that are going to be publicly traded and include all the benefits that come with that status. Two of the benefits from the perspective of the investing crowd are the facts that these companies will have filed S-1′s that have been approved by the SEC (standard investor protection as exists under 1933 securities law) and an established secondary market (The issues stock will trade on the OTC market).
This actually resolves two of the biggest concerns surrounding equity crowdfunding, the first of course is the disclosure (investor protection) being offered by companies seeking to acquire capital through equity crowdfunding, the second being, once you own a piece of a privately held company how do you liquidate the holding. There will ultimately be a secondary market for equity crowdfunded offerings, the question is when. Under the JOBS act you are required by law to hold that investment for a minimum of one year, this is not the case with a public offering.
The updated and fully functional version of IPO Village will be available over the next few week. This will include an investor education section and many features to ensure the crowd has access to the same level of detailed information as the “professional” IPO investor. All SEC filings and disclosures will be made available to the crowd in one easy to find location, as well as business plans, video’s and financials for the companies being presented for DPO (Direct To Public Offerings). Unlike any IPO we will have seen you will have an open forum to discuss the offering with other members of the crowd and have the opportunity to “Ask the CEO”. These questions and answers will be made available to the crowd. You can’t get that kind of transparency on any other platform.
Once the power and intelligence of the crowd is proven through the success of IPO Village, it will speed the change to private equity offerings via equity crowdfunding.
The updated site will be available at www.IPOvillage.com , Signup to take your place in line for the democratization of the IPO process. Signing up is not a commitment to invest but it is the only way you will have the opportunity to decide.

All Eyes on the Crowdfund Texas Conference

The coming Crowdfund Texas conference (http://www.crowdfundtx.com/) in Austin, on January 8th, 2013 is another perfect example of how crowdfunding is rapidly becoCrowdfund Texas Conferenceming a mainstream investment strategy. Attracting some of the biggest names and companies in both old and new finance.

When the organizers asked me to attend and be interviewed for the documentary being filmed at the conference (Crowd of Angels), I knew I was very interested in attending. This is just the kind of boost crowdfunding needs. I couldn’t be more excited to be representing IPO Village at this prestigious event.

When I looked over the list of featured speakers, I knew I had to attend. While I have not met all the speakers, I am familiar with most of them. All have a solid foundation in investing and all are strong supporters of crowdfunding. These people would be at home in any big Wall Street financial giant, but they have chosen pursue direct-to-the-public investing.

A few of the speakers to pay close attention to are:

Rodney Sampson co-founded Multicast Media Networks (Streamingfaith.com) in 2000, Intellect in 2002, Intellect Inspire in 2006 and Legacy Opportunity Fund in 2007. Currently, Sampson is building Opportunity Fund, a US based “super” growth fund and crowd funding platform designed to provide underserved and underrepresented communities access to investment opportunities traditionally reserved for accredited and institutional investors. He also serves on the boards of a publishing company, a merchant investment bank, Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the Crowdfunding Professional Association.

One of four ladies on the speaker roster, Kim Wales is the founder of Wales Capital and a board member and founding member at Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates and a governing board member and founding member at Crowdfunding Professionals Association. Kim’s work in these voluntary regulation agencies is vital. While crowdfunding rules under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) act will eventually come down from the SEC, voluntary regulation of the industry will keep federal hands off this investment.

Brian Meece is the founder of crowdfunding website RocketHub.com . He is going to bring direct experience in overseeing crowdfunding efforts to this conference. Businesses that enable crowdfunding investors to step up with their money is integral to the crowdfunding industry. I look forward to sharing notes with Meece.

Scott Purcell is a heavyweight for this conference. According to Wikipedia, “Purcell was the founder of Epoch Networks, which was the fourth commercial internet backbone ever, raised in excess of $100 million in venture capital and was at one time was the largest privately held internet service provider in the United States. He also served as a Board Member of the internet industry associations trade group, CIX the Commercial Internet eXchange. In the formative years of the industry he was appointed by CIX to serve as the government liaison, working with the Clinton administration and the FCC on a variety of internet and telecom related legislation and issues.” He’s also started a number of other companies and brings massive experience of raising money for various projects to the table.

There are a number of other speakers of equal importance to the world of crowdfunding at the conference, but space limits how many I can discuss here. I can certainly say this crowdfunding conference will absolutely be a huge boost to this industry. The media coverage and the later release of the documentary will bring more people into this exciting investment world.

Although I will be not presenting at the conference, please feel free to introduce yourself and bring any questions you may have about IPOvillage.com and Crowdfunding NASDAQ IPO’s.

If you are serious about crowdfunding, this conference will have something for you.

Look Forward to Seeing You There!!
Howard Orloff
Managing Director / Mayor
IPO Village