Crowdfunded IPO’s at IPO Village are Global

A person in Germany is on the internet looking for a place to invest some money and comes across an Initial Public Offering (IPO) at IPOVillage for a small company in Texas. The person looks at the prospectus and thinks to himself, “I sure wish I could participate in that IPO.”

He can. Anyone, anywhere who has a few dollars, pounds, yen, pesos or almost any currency can participate in an IPO run through IPOVillage.

While this is a fictitious example of an investor, the basic idea is fact. Anyone, anywhere with an internet connection and money can invest in an IPO through IPOVillage.

Somewhere in Australia, a small company wants to raise capital to expand its operation but is not entirely sure how to do it. The company owner finds IPOVillage and wonders if his company can go through this economical IPO process and be listed on NASDAQ.

He can.

IPOVillage is taking crowdfunding to the masses on a global scale.


Now a company anywhere in the world can take it’s IPO stock offering direct to the public. The company doesn’t have to negotiate through a stock exchange. The lawyers and institutional investors who reap huge rewards on IPOs at the expense of the company and the final investors are now cut out of the picture.

The investor benefits by getting the IPO stock at a much better valuation. What is the IPO price? That’s determined by the issuing company not an underwriter. Stock prices are not artificially inflated by the lawyers and investment banks.

The very people who will help the company grow and become a success will also reap the rewards of that success.

The company offering the IPO benefits by getting all the money from the IPO. The lawyers and banks do not get a cut of the stock sale. That means more money for the company to invest in expansion and improvement.

It does not matter where the company is located or where the investor is located. All that is needed is a company that has properly filed and been approved by the SEC. IPOVillage connects companies to investors around the world.


Currency conversion is not Global Crowdfunding IPOa problem. IPOVillage offering companies accept PayPal, WePay, major credit cards and bank wire transfers. Each one of these payment programs converts currency at current market rates.

Foreign companies who place their offerings on IPOVillage will be approved for trading on NASDAQ. This means the companies receive US dollars, which is the world’s reserve currency and accepted in every major trading market in the world.

Currency conversion in today’s world is as easy as buying IPO stock through IPOVillage.

A GLOBAL VILLAGEThe Internet has opened the world to the world and that includes investing. IPOVillage is a global investing community and a destination for companies anywhere in the world which need more operating capital.

IPOVillage can work with most any company, from a few employees in one location to thousands of employees scattered across the planet. IPOVillage welcomes all investors no matter where they are from or how much money they have to invest.

It’s what we do.

5 thoughts on “Crowdfunded IPO’s at IPO Village are Global

  1. If crowdfunding IPO can truly go global, then it gives small business owners and smaller investors more power and more options. You can only gain from this and there’s nothing to lose no matter how you look at it. I not only want to take my business IPO through crowdfunding, but I’m also hoping to invest in other companies as they become available for investment. This system will open doors for so many people and 2013 will be a very exciting year for all of us.

  2. I want to invest in small businesses that don’t cook their books to inflate the numbers like the mega global corporations. I want to invest in small businesses that are more transparent in their management and ones that don’t need offshore accounts to take advantage of tax loopholes. I want to invest in honest businesses and I believe the only way to do that is to invest in up and coming small businesses. I’m all for Crowdfunded IPO going global, but only as long as it sticks to its founding principal.

  3. To be honest I really didn’t think Crowdfunded IPO and IPO Village would get anywhere, but I’ve been proven wrong and I’ll happily eat crow because I think this is a great opportunity for all of us who are not billionaires.

  4. Crowdfunding has revolutionize start up businesses and now crowdfunding IPOs will take its turn and change the way we invest our money and they way we get funding for our businesses. The potential of this is mind-boggling and the amount of riches it can create is perhaps the most exciting thing since the internet became so deeply embedded in all of our lives and the way we do business.

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